Chief Minister's Vision

In the modern world of today, we need to pay more attention for the well being of our masses who are real asset of the country. Poverty alleviation and elimination of hunger should be the top priority of any nation that wants a better future. Unfortunately, the state of poor in our country is below the international standards. Although Zakat & Ushr Department is working for welfare of the poor people however, these efforts are required to be made more cohesive, concentrated and well organized. We are determined to improve the living standard of poor people by providing them basic amenities of life so that they become a useful part of the society. With the blessing of ALLAH   Almighty, we shall head towards our goal of poverty free society where everyone irrespective of his/ her region, colour, cast or creed shall get basic necessities of life in an efficient and transparent manner. I assure people of Punjab  province that present government would leave no stone unturned to do maximum for the welfare and betterment of the poor and needy folk.

Sardar Usman  Ahmad Khan Buzdar