Sep 27, 2019

Chief Minister Punjab disbtributed zakat funds at Bahawalnagar on 27.9.2019

May 24, 2019

Disbursement of zakat funds for year 2018-19  started in Punjab.

Apr 29, 2019

Governemnt of Punjab has been pleased to assign the  functions of  District Zakat & Ushr...

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Frequently Asked Questins
When was the system of Zakat & Ushr introduced in the county?
Zakat & Ushr system was introduced in 1980
What is Nisab of Zakat uring the year?
Rs. 38406 during the year of 1438 A.H.
Which are Zakat deducting agencies?
The banks, Offices, Centers or Financial Institutions
When Zakat is deducted?
1st of Ramdan-ul-Mubarak (every year) on PLS Accounts
Who is eligible to receive Zakat?
A Muslim citizen of Pakistan living below poverty line
Success Stries
70 - A Shahjamal Lahore