Autonomous Body

Punjab Vocational Training Council

Punjab Vocational Training Council (PVTC) was established in October 1998 on the basis of Public Private Partnership by the Government of the Punjab. PVTC is utilizing Zakat Funds for poverty alleviation on the principle of dole out to pay roll by providing demand driven skill training to deserving youth specially Mustahaqeen–e–Zakat at their door step, involving Private sector to enhance employability and assist the graduates in their placement for permanent rehabilitation and arranging financial support for their self-employment from Micro Finance Institutions and NGOs.

PVTC is a unique model of its kind in the entire Muslim World, which utilizes Zakat as a tool of skills and economic empowerment as conceived by the Chief Minister of Punjab during his first tenure in 1998. It has pioneered way to channel Muslim Charity (Zakat) funds to support an effective model of vocational training for the permanent rehabilitation of the poorest youth of our society.

According to EEA, USAID and IYF case study, PVTC has done remarkable job of improving access to training and employment for boys and girls who lacked the financial resources to receive vocational / technical training.

PVTC in collaboration with GIZ, PSDF, UNICEF, JICA, British council, and other national and international development agencies is extensively contributing towards the poverty alleviation through skill training. PVTC as per the vision of Chief Minister of Punjab is planning to train 480,000 trainees till June, 2018.

Keeping in view the latest trends based on market demands through Training Need Assessment (TNA) after conducting demographics survey at tehsil level, PVTC has developed curricula for 81 various trades to cater for the growing demands of industrial, agriculture, health and service sectors. Apart from their regular vocational study & practical work, Life Skills and Social Entrepreneurship courses are compulsory for each trainee.

The training of these trades is being imparted through its 284 vocational Training Institutes (VTIs) established in vacant /underutilized Government buildings throughout the Punjab with an annual training capacity of 89,000. PVTC maintain a healthy gender balance with female to male ration of 49:51 and is striving to enhance it further. So far approximately 686,720 trainees have successfully graduated from PVTC, out of which about 74 % have been gainfully employed or are working as entrepreneurs. In collaboration with Pak Army, PVTC has established a vocational training institute at Sawat for De-Radicalization through skill training of militant youth and is also planning to provide vocational training to the IDPs of North Waziristan Agency.

PVTC has a state of the art Staff and Teacher Training Institute (STTI) to train its trainers both in the pedagogical skills as well as in their skills up gradation.

PVTC manages its VTIs through autonomous boards of potential employers. It is authorized by the PVTC Act of 1998 to take exam and issue certificates / diplomas after completion of training. It is mandatory for each trainee to have two months on the job training (OJT) as per the curriculum.