Education Stipends (General)

Educational Stipend (general) is meant to provide financial assistance to the deserving students in order to help them continue their studies.

Eligibility Criteria

Stipends are provided to the poor and deserving students studying in such colleges, universities, polytechnic and other educational and professional institutions in Punjab that are established or recognized by the Government. Istehqaq is determined by Local Zakat Committees and endorsed by the scholarship committee of the educational institute. Scholarship committee comprises Head of Institution, Class Teacher and a nominee of District Zakat Committee.

How to Apply

A deserving student can apply to the head of the institution which will process it after determination of Istehqaq by the local Zakat committee. Funds are released by the District Zakat Committee to the concerned educational institution which will make payment to the student.

Rate of Stipends

  Level of Education   Rate per annum(PKR)
  Intermediate and Graduate level   6000
  Post Graduate   12000
  Engineering / Medical Colleges   18000
  Computer science   18000