Education Stipends (Technical)

Educational Stipends (technical) are provided to underprivilidged poor young boys and girls studyin in 348 Vocational Training Institutes established by Punjab Vocational Training Council under the auspices of Punjab Zakat and Ushr Department. These stipends aim to rehabilitate the poor youth by imparting them market-oriented technical and professional training under wide range of demand driven courses. 

Eligibility Criteria

Istehqaq is determined by Local Zakat Committees and endorsed by the scholarship committee of the educational institute comprising Chairman District Zakat Committee, District Zakat Officer, Principal Vocational Training Institute, a Class Teacher and one member District Zakat Committee.

How to Apply

The student can apply to the District Zakat Committee on the prescribed form for Stipends Technical through his/her institution, subject to determination of Istehqaq by the Local Zakat Committee concerned. The District Zakat Committee releases funds to the Technical institutions for stipends to deserving students. Funds are disbursed by the institute to the trainees PKR 3000 per month.