Audit Mechanism

Transparency in disbursement of Zakat funds is one of the foremost priorities of Zakat Department. A proper mechanism of Audit has therefore been designed which involves both External & Internal audit.

External Audit

External Audit of Zakat funds is conducted by the Auditor General of Pakistan every year. External Audit teams conduct audit of Provincial, District & Local Zakat Fund and submit reports to Departmental Accounts Committee (DAC) for decision. These reports are minutely discussed by the DAC and action is taken against each embezzlement or irregularity. The final reports published by the Auditor General of Pakistan are discussed by the Public Accounts Committee (PAC). There is no hole left for misuse of Zakat fund with impunity. Every effort is made to ensure the transparency in disbursement of Zakat Fund and its availability to Mustahqeen-e-Zakat.

Internal Audit

Pre and post internal audit is conducted by the departments's own audit teams appointed at district, divisional and provincial level. Purpose of internal audit is to keep an active vigiance over disbursement and keep the books neat and clean.