Mr. Zain-Ul-Abdeen

District Sialkot

Mr. Zain-ul-Abdeen is a young and skilled guy of 29 years old. He has been living in Haji Pura since his birth. He has  six siblings. Being a member of poor family, it was near to impossible for him to compete with the challenging atmosphere of the society. He was ambitious to get Technical Education to meet the technical and scientific era along with handsome livelihood but it was difficult for his father to support him. There was a fateful day in his life when someone told him that Vocational Training Institutes are providing free facility of technical education along with stipend under the supervision and control of Zakat & Ushr Department Government of the Punjab. In order to fulfill his long dream, he took admission in Vocational Training Institute, Sialkot in trade Auto Cad Operator. He worked hard and obtained certificate of Auto Cad Operator in 2006 from Vocational Training Institute, Sialkot. After completion of Auto Cad Course, VTI was kind enough to refer him to Dr. Frigz International, Gohad Pur Sialkot for training. During training, he learned additional skills in CNC field too. Presently, he is earning Rs.45000 per month and running his own Auto Cad Designing business and CNC. It was all due to Zakat & Ushr Department efforts and funds. He is very thankful to zakat department for providing an opportunity to get technical education.