Hina Shafique

Rehmat Pura, District Sialkot

Miss Hina Shafiq is a 20 years old girl. She has been living in Rehmat Pura Daska District Sialkot. Her family is consisted of eight members. Due to poor nutrition and other reasons, she suffered in a chronic disease of T.B. Being a member of poor family, it was near to impossible for her to compete with this dangerous disease. The fear to provide fee in private clinic to Doctors also enhanced her disease and tension.  It was difficult for her father to support her and got treatment from private Doctors. There was a red letter day in her life when someone told her family that Zakat & Ushr Department is providing free facility of treatment in Government hospitals.  Her family immediately decided to approach the Medical Social Welfare Officer AIM hospital Sialkot for taking admission. Hospital provided her free checkup and medicine. Due to free medicine, treatment stayed possible for her and now she is enjoying the blessings of health. So, health stayed as a wealth due to health funds of Zakat & Ushr Department.