Health Care

This is a health safeguard for poor patients who cannot afford expenses for their treatment. Zakat funds for medical treatment of the deserving (mustahiq) patients are provided to provincial level/teaching hospitals, district headquarter hospitals and tehsil headquarter hospitals of Government of the Punjab.

Shoukat Khanum Memorial Hospital Lahore, Fatima Memorial Hospital Lahore, Alshifa Eye Trust Hospital Rawalpindi, Rawalpindi Eye Donors Organization (REDO) Rawalpindi, Al Mustafa Trust Medical Centre Rawalpindi, Pakistan Thelesemia Welfare Society Rawalpindi, and Sughra Shafi Medical Complex Narowal are also among the Zakat receiving institutes in the private sector.

Hospitals after receipt of grant from Zakat and Ushr Department provide free medical treatment from Zakat funds to the mustahiq patients. Zakat fund for this purpose is not provided to the beneficiaries in cash.

Eligibility Criteria

Istehqaq is determined by the local Zakat committee of the area of permanent residence of the patient.

How to Apply

The mustahiq patients will get a Istehqaq certificate from the Local Zakat Committee of his/her area and submit it  to the Health Welfare Committee of the concerned hospital for free medical treatment. Applications are processed by a Health Welfare Committee headed by the Medical Superintendent.


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